Yokohama Run Flat Tyre Fitted in N16

Mobile Tyre Fitting in N16

Yokohama Run Flat Tyre for a BMW 1 Series: A first time customer had phoned me early morning, one of the tyres on his BMW 1 series had been damaged and needed a replacement urgently, and as we offer a same day tyre fitting service we were more then happy to help. Always the first thing i ask when i get a new enquiry is the tyre size, with cars such as the BMW  1 series, the vehicle could have different sizes front and rear so we highlight this to the customer in case they give us the wrong details, we also check that the vehicle is fitted with run flat or non run flat tyres, in this case they were run flats. After asking all the right questions we managed to get the correct details, which were 225/45R17 for a rear tyre. I told the customer that best option at short notice would be for a Yokohama Advan Sport run flat and we could fit it within an hour as he`s location in N16 was no more then 30 mins away. The customer that he wanted the tyre and we arranged a fitting time.

Yokohama Run Flat TyreYokohama Advan Sport Run Flat Tyre

I arrived at my customers address in Stoke Newington N16 at the agreed time and my customer was already waiting by the car, once i had parked my van i went over to check the damaged tyre to make confirm the size corresponded to what was given over the phone, and as it was i asked for the locking wheel nut key which could not be found initially but was eventually. Its always advisable to have the locking wheel nut key in its rightful place and with BMWs that usually in a pouch or somewhere in the boot and if youre gonna remove it then put it a bag or small tupperware box and put it in the glovebox. After removing the wheel and taking off the old tyre i cleaned and checked the wheel for any cracks and then mounted the new tyre, next step was to inflate to the correct pressure and check the wheel balancing, and then fit it back onto the car and torque the wheel nuts to the correct settings. Last check is to make sure that any tyre pressure light on the dash is off, with some cars you have to re-set the TPMS from the menu or there might be a re-set button located somewhere, and on some cars the TPMS re-sets automatically or when the cars has been driven for a few miles, always best to check the manual if not sure. Please call us if you`re looking for a local same day mobile tyre service and also for run flat tyres, we`re here to help..07966558652 or 020 3868 1898.

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