Winter to Summer Tyre Swap

Winter to Summer Tyre Swap

Winter to Summer Tyre Swap carried out in Loughton. A repeating customer called me recently to have his winter tyres replaced to summer tyre on 2 of his cars, one was a Toyota GT86, and the other one was a Range Rover Evoque. The Toyota had goodyear winter tyres fitted and they were to be replaced with Michelin summer tyres, the Range Rover had Continental winter tyres and they were being replaced with Continental summer tyres. Some customers prefer to have their winter tyres on a separate set of wheels, either alloy or steel, but my customer today keeps the winter & summer tyres on the same set of wheels, this is more time consuming as the winter tyres will be removed first and then replaced with the summers.winter tyre  

Toyota GT86

I started with the Toyota first which were fitted with GoodYear winter 215/45/17 tyres. My customer handed me the keys and told me where to locate the locking wheel nut key, i jacked both the front wheels slightly making sure the jacks were placed on the vehicles jacking points, i then loosened the wheel nuts with my breaker bar, i then proceeded to lift the car off the ground. I removed the wheels and took them back to my van where i deflated the tyres and removed the old balance weights. After removing the winter tyres, i fitted the Michelin summer tyres, inflated them to the correct pressures and then checked the wheel balance, after balancing they were fitted to the car and the wheel nuts were tightened to the correct torque setting, after i had done the fronts i moved onto the rears.  

Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover was fitted with Continental winter 245/45/20 tyres, the wheels also had the TPMS valves, so extra care is needed when removing and fitting the tyres so as not to damage the valves. Same as with the Toyota i jacked up the fronts first, and then went through the same procedure, remove winter tyres, take off old balance weights, fit the summer tyres, inflate, check the wheel balance and then fit back to the car and tighten to the correct torque setting. Once i was finished i helped my customer put the winter tyres back in his shed and wished him well until later in the year when i will return to start the same process again by swapping the summers for the winter tyres.   We provide a winter/summer tyre swap service in London & Essex, please call us at East London Tyres more details..07966558652.

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