Nexen Tyres for Audi A2 in Chigwell

Nexen Tyres For Audi A2

A repeating customer of mine had ordered 2 Nexen NFera tyres for her beloved Audi A2. She`s had the car for almost 15 years from new, even though she only drives locally and dosen`t do more then 7k miles a year, she likes to look after it, and that includes the tyres. When i arrived at my customers home, i got the keys for the car and took the locking wheel nut key from the boot. The customer asked that i replace both front tyres, after checking the rear tyes which were also Nexen`s, i advised the customer that i would the swap the older rear tyres to the front, this was because if the older tyres were left on the rear they would age and harden a lot quicker, i would also check the balance of the tyres in the process, there is a small charge for this but its not excessive.

Mobile Tyre Fitting Chigwell

I loosened the wheel nuts and with a breaker bar and lifted the car from the back and front on the near side first, and then removed the wheels. After fitting and balancing the new tyres i put both wheel on the rear and fitted one of the older tyres on the front (after checking the balance), all wheels are set to the correct torque setting for safety reasons. Before i finished i made sure the tyres had been inflated to the correct pressures. The tyre pressure data is normally found on the inside of the drivers side door or on the fuel filler cap, its best to check and maintain the correct pressures at least once a month. Job completed, locking wheel nut key is back in the boot and i hand the keys to my customer and wish them a good day. If you`re looking friendly mobile tyre service in and around Chigwell please call East London Tyres on : 07966558652.        

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