Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service

Out of the many calls we get to remove the locking wheel nuts the vast majority will be where the locking wheel nut key has been lost or the locking nut has been so overtightened that it has damaged the key.

lost locking nut keys are most prevalent in cases where a customer has purchased a vehicle and there`s no locking key left in the vehicle and the customer is none the wiser until they have a flat tyre, and then they cant find it because its been lost.

Most vehicles which have alloy wheels fitted will more then likely have a locking wheel nut on each wheel and a locking wheel nut key which fits the locking wheel nut.

If the locking wheel nut key has been lost, or the wheel nuts have been damaged in any way & the key no longer fits, then you will need to have all of the locking wheel nuts removed and then have them replaced with a new set.

There are many methods which can be applied to remove the locking nuts such as drilling or welding, but we do not apply these in case the wheel is damaged in the process, we have certain specialist tools which will remove the vast majority of locking wheel nuts safely without any damage to the wheels.

We have the tools and experience to remove most locking wheel nuts where the locking wheel nut has not been over tightened, so give us a call if you have lost the locking wheel nut or the nuts are damaged and we`ll advise you on how we can help!

If you have lost or damaged the locking wheel nut key Call East London Tyres on: 07966558652

Locking wheel nut removal
Locking wheel nut removal by East London Tyres
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