Kumho Tyres for Mini in E11

Kumho Tyres

Kumho tyres fitted in E11 I received a call from a gentleman who was enquiring about Kumho tyres, he was about to embark on some travels around Europe but the only issue was that he wasn't sure if the tyres on his Mini Clubman were upto the job, both the front tyre were low on tread but the gentleman wasnt sure if the rear tyres were suffice for the journey. As the gentleman was local to me we agreed to meet so that i could check the integrity of his tyres. I turned up to the gentlemans home and saw his Mini parked on the drive, it was obvious even from a distance that the front tyre was low on tread and when i looked closer there was no more then 2mm of tread, the rears were also low on tread but they were not as bad then those on the fronts. The gentleman told me that needed to cover around 5000 miles while travelling around Europe so didn`t want to cut corners, he wanted decent tyres and if need be to have all four changed. I advised to change all 4 tyres and his preferred choice of Kumho tyres were available, they were the PS71`s, a very good performance tyre that were similar in quality to the Hankooks that were currently on the car. We confirmed a time for the fitting for the following day.

Mobile Tyre Fitting in E11

I arrived on the dot to begin work, my customer was already by his car waiting. I took the locking wheel nut key from the boot and began to loosen the wheel nuts with my breaker bar, i never use the impact gun on the locking wheel nuts in case its damaged. I started on the fronts first, removing the tyres and then cleaning the wheel and replacing the valve. Once the fronts were done then it was the turn of the rears. All 4 wheels fitted and balanced. Last job was to reset the TPMS sensors for the customer, otherwise the tyre pressure warning light would have stayed on. I thanked the gentleman for his custom & bid a safe journey ahead knowing full well that he was driving with very good tyres all round. For Mobile Tyre Fitting in E11 please contact Rashid on : 07966558652 or 020 3868 1898    

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