Ford Mondeo Tyres

Ford Mondeo Tyres

Ford Mondeo Tyres fitted in East London by East London Tyres. There are many different tyre sizes for the Mondeo, depending on the model and year of manufacture. Some of the most common sizes are 235/40/18, 235/45/17, 235/50/17 and 215/55/16. The Ford Mondeo started life in 1993 as a family car and the model will be discontinued by Ford in 2022 with no direct successor. These vehicles are still popular with their owners so will be a common sight on our roads for years to come. And as long as they are on our roads they will be needing tyres.

New Tyres for Ford Mondeo

There will always be people who prefer to drive to a garage when needing tyres, but more and more people also see the benefits of a mobile service which turns up at a convenient time that works best for them. A customer called us looking specifically for a mobile fitting service. One tyre was flat and one tyre was low on tread on their Ford Mondeo. I quoted for 2 budget brand tyres in the size 235/50/17. The customer accepted our quote and we booked the job for the day and time that was most suitable for them.

Mobile Tyre Fitting East London

We arrived at the agreed day and time to our customers address in East London and was met by the customer who handed me the locking wheel nut key. A large part of our business is the fitting of budget tyres, this is mostly due to call outs when tyres are needed urgently and customers are not so choosy for specific brands. Where customers are not in a rush then we`re able to source premium and mid range tyres. We fitted and balanced both new tyres on the rears and checked the pressures on the fronts and adjusted them accordingly.

East London Tyres.

East London Tyres  are your local mobile tyre service for North East London. Contact us for any tyre related issues. Tel: 020 3488 5764, Mob: 07966558652.  

Ford Mondeo Tyres Ford Mondeo Tyres Ford Mondeo Tyres

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