Flat Tyre on Nissan Qashqai in Loughton

Flat Tyre in Loughton

Flat Tyre in Loughton. A customer in Loughton called me as they had a flat tyre on their Nissan Qasqai, i asked the lady a few questions to ascertain what the issue could be, the tyre was an Continental 215/55/18 on the rear near side and it was only fitted within the last 2 months, so my first thoughts were that it may be a puncture. After getting all the information that i needed i arrived a couple of hours later at my customers address, i had a close inspection of the tyre which was completely flat but with no signs of any cuts or objects in the tyre, so i took the locking wheel nut key from the boot and removed the wheel, after inflating the tyre and spraying soapy water around the rim did i find the problem. The tyre itself was fine, but the rim was leaking, this is was because of corrosion.

Leaking Rim due to Corrosion

[caption id="attachment_566" align="alignleft" width="80"]Flat Tyre caused by Leaking Rim Rim corrosion[/caption] I removed the tyre, and as soon as i did i could see the bottom of the rim, which is known as the bead was covered in corrosion, the wheel had a black lacquer coating and due to certain factors the paint had peeled away to the leave the base metal, and it was this that was causing the leaking of air. To fix the problem, i used an angle grinder to clean the bead area of all the corrosion, once this was done i cleaned the area with a liquid buffer solution, i then applied a thick black liquid sealant which is known as a bead sealer, this will prevent any air leaking out. Once i had mounted the tyre back onto the wheel, i sprayed soapy water around wheel and tyre to check for any leaks..and there were none! So job well done if may say so. Leaking rims due to corrosion are a common issue on alloy wheels, in most cases we can remedy the problem, but sometimes the wheels may need to be refurbished, but we can advice accordingly. For any issues with flat tyres, please call East London Tyres on : 07966558652 or 020 3868 1898.

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