Avon Tyres for Mercedes ML in E20

Avon Tyres

Avon tyres is a trusted mid-range brand available in many popular sizes for cars, vans & 4x4 vehicles. A first time customer needed both of the front tyres replaced on her Mercedes ML, the size was 255/50/19, and as one was flat and the other bald the customer requested a same day fitting. The Avon ZX7 255/50/19 was the best option at such short notice and they are a quality brand that can more then match tyres of a higher price. I arrived at the agreed time and met my customer by the car where she left me with the car keys and the locking wheel nut key, after loosening the wheels nuts and jacking up the car i took the wheels back to my van and deflated the tyres, removed the old balance weights and then dismounted the tyre. As there was slight corrosion on the wheels, i cleaned this off with a wire brush and applied some bead sealer to the bottom and top bead area on the rim, this is done to minimize any air loss.

Mobile Tyre Fitting E20

After completing the balancing it was time to fit the wheel back to the car, once the wheels nuts have been tightened we then torque them up to the correct setting, and the locking wheel nut is set at a lower torque setting, the last thing is to check the other tyres pressure`s and adjust them if need be. We can supply and fit Avon tyres in East, North & South London If you have a 4x4 vehicle and would like them replaced at the convenience of your home or workplace, then please give us a call, we cover all of East London, and provide a professional and friendly service. Mob : 07966558652 Tel: 020 3868 1898. [caption id="attachment_583" align="alignleft" width="225"]Avon Tyres Avon ZX7 Tyre fitted to Mercedes ML[/caption]        

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