Accelera Tyre for BMW 3 Series in E18

Accelera TyreAccelera Tyre

Accelera tyre needed for a customers BMW in E18. I received a call from a customer who was looking for same day Tyre Fitting for her BMW 3 series, it was a 2005 model with a spacesaver wheel for emergencies, the customer told me over the phone that they had the spare fitted when they noticed the tyre was losing pressure, the tyre size was 255/35/18, the lady asked for the replacement tyre to be an Accelera brand as the car was already fitted with the same brand. The Accelera brand comes in many low profile sizeswhich is a budget brand and is available in many low profile sizes and is a popular budget option for owners of BMW, Mercedes and Range Rovers.

BMW 3 Series

When I arrived at the customers home, the lady opened the boot to get me the locking wheel nut key. I took the tyre from the boot to inspect it & there was a cut all along the inner part of the Tyre sidewall, i couldn't see any embedded objects such as a nail or a screw, I told my customer that the tyre was definitely not repairable & either there was a slow puncture or the tyre was being driven under inflated. I removed the tyre, replaced the valve, before mounting the new tyre i carefully checked the wheel for any cracks, as wheels that are fitted with low profile tyres are prone to cracks especially when going over speed humps, kerbs and pot holes. As the wheel was fine i proceeded to mount the tyre onto the wheeel, when this was done i inflated it to the correct pressure and checked to make sure it was correctly balanced. Once i had jacked up the car and removed the spacesaver i fitted the wheel back onto the car and torqued up the wheel nuts. I checked all the other tyre pressures starting with the spacesaver which should be inflated to 60psi, if you`re not sure just look at the tyre`s sidewall where its written  very clearly, all the tyres were under inflated and i set them to the correct level. One of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your tyre is to check your pressures at least once a month, and you don`t need to go to a petrol station to do it, just buy a tyre pressure gauge and a small compressor or foot pump and then you can check it at home etc.. For a diligent and professional tyre fitting service that comes to you, please call : 07966558652 or 020 3868 1898.

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